When should you book a newborn photo session?

When Should You Book a Newborn Photo Session?

Timing is an important part of newborn photography. After all, your baby isn’t a newborn for long. For parents who are expecting their first baby (or have older children and are planning their first newborn photo session), one of the first questions they ask is how to get the timing right. As your premier Dallas baby photographer, I’m happy to be your guide.

When Should a Newborn Photo Session Take Place?

Before we talk about when to schedule your session, let’s talk about the timing for the session itself. In its truest form, newborn photography should take place in your baby’s first 14 days of life. We generally aim for the window between 8 and 14 days, after your baby is home from the hospital and you’ve started to learn their routine.

Of course, life happens, and sometimes that ideal timing isn’t always possible due to extended hospital stays or other circumstances. Don’t worry! I’ll still work with you at your baby’s developmental stage to capture their newness and tininess.

When Should You Book a Newborn Photographer?

Now, if you’ve had professional photography services in the past, you probably know you usually need to schedule photo sessions a few months in advance because photographers’ schedules book up early. How do you do that when you don’t know when your baby will arrive? When should you book your newborn photographer?

I suggest that you reach out a few months before your due date – as early as the end of your second trimester, even. At this point, I’ll be able to reserve your spot on my schedule for the general timeframe of when we expect your baby’s first weeks to be. After your baby’s born, you’ll contact me again and we’ll choose a specific date for your photo session.

What if you’re reading this and you’re already close to your due date, or your baby has already arrived? That’s okay! Contact me anyway, because you never know when I may have a cancellation or an opening in my schedule.

When to Plan Your Baby’s Newborn Photo Session

Booking your newborn photo session isn’t just about reserving a time. I’ll also start planning your baby’s photo session at this time. Every photo session I create is custom designed for the client. For your newborn photos, we’ll chat about the styles, colors, and aesthetics you love. We’ll talk about your vision for your baby’s photos if you have a vision in mind, and about how you want to display the finished portraits. We’ll also discuss any special items or themes you want to incorporate, like family heirlooms or items of cultural significance.

Expecting a Baby? Reserve a Spot on My Schedule!

If you have a baby on the way, I would love to help you capture the memories of this beautiful and exciting time of your life. Contact Allison Dittman Photography today and let’s start planning your custom newborn photos.

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