Mom Hack: Book Your Baby’s First Year of Milestone Photos in Advance. Here’s Why.

The parent life isn’t easy, whether your child is a baby or a teenager. When there are ways you can make your life a bit simpler and less stressful, you have to take those wins and run with them. As your premier Dallas baby photographer, I have a life hack any parent will love: booking the milestone photo sessions for your baby’s first year in advance.

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As early as your pregnancy while you’re booking your newborn photo session, you can get your baby’s sitter session, first birthday photo session, and any others you want in the books. There are several reasons why this could be a game-changer for you.

  1. Making Life Easier

Your days will always be busy when you’re caring for a baby…especially when they start crawling. Besides that, none of us know what the year ahead will hold – there could be changes in your work circumstances, your baby’s health and development, home repairs, and more. If you bank on having the time to plan and book photo sessions down the line, the stars will find a way to align to make that difficult. Instead, if you book all the sessions you want in advance, you don’t have to worry about it later on.

  1. Keeping the Same Photographer

One of the reasons milestone photo sessions are so popular is to give you a full gallery of your baby’s first year to look back on and reminisce. Ideally, you want the same aesthetic style for all of these portraits, and that will only be the case if you have the same photographer for each session.

Booking your sessions well in advance is the best way to ensure that you can get on your photographer’s schedule for all your milestone portraits. My schedule can be booked up months in advance, so if you wait and plan to book later down the line, I might not have availability.

  1. Ensuring You Don’t Miss Any Milestones

In the general hecticness of daily life with a baby, it’s so easy for milestones to pass without you realizing it. Just ask every parent who tries to post those cute pictures on social media for each of their baby’s monthly birthdays – it’s usually just a month or two before those posts start coming later and later.

If you have your heart set on professional photos for a certain milestone, it’s heartbreaking if you get caught up in life and miss them. It’s easy for that to happen if you plan on scheduling sessions as the year goes on, but if you book them all in advance, they’re already on your calendar and all you have to do is show up.

Book Your Dallas Milestone Baby Photography Today

Booking your milestone photos in advance is a win in every aspect: it makes your life easier while ensuring that you get all the special milestone portraits you want. To make it happen, contact Allison Dittman Photography, Dallas’s award-winning baby photography studio.

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