How to Prepare for a Milestone Baby Photography Session

Prepping for your baby’s milestone session

Have a baby photography session on the schedule? Whether it’s a sitter session, your baby’s first birthday photo shoot, or another type of exciting milestone session, the way you prepare can make your baby’s photo session smoother and more enjoyable. Check out these tips for preparing for your baby photography session.

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  1. Take Note of Your Baby’s Happiest Times

In any photo session, we want a happy, comfortable baby who will give us plenty of adorable little smiles. To do that, we’ll want to schedule the session around your baby’s daily routine. Keep an eye on your baby’s moods throughout the day and when they seem to be at their best. That’s often right after nap time, but it varies from child to child. It’s always better to schedule the photo session around your baby’s routine rather than to try to adjust your baby’s routine to fit a session time.

  1. Be Selective in Who You Bring to the Session

I know that your baby’s photo shoot is a special moment, and you’d love for the entire family to be there. For these sessions, though, it’s best to just bring your baby and yourself – leave your other children and any other visitors at home.

The more people we have in the studio, the more easily your baby will get distracted. There are safety concerns too, because I’ll have equipment set up around the studio and if the studio is too crowded, especially with siblings who are full of childhood energy, it’s easy for things to be knocked over.

  1. Just Bring Baby’s Essentials – I Have the Rest!

This note is more about what you don’t have to do to prepare for your session – you don’t have to worry about putting together outfits and accessories for your baby’s photos. While every photographer is different, I’ve created a full-service photography experience. This means that, among other benefits, I have an abundant client closet of outfits for babies, along with all the accessories and props we’ll need. All you need to bring are items to keep your baby comfortable as needed, like diapers, wipes, and so on. 

  1. Notify Me About Signs of Illness

As I noted above, the best baby portraits happen when your baby is happy and comfortable. If your baby is feeling ill, they won’t be feeling up to giving us all those beautiful smiles and giggles they normally would (and who could blame them?). In the days before your photo session, if you notice a runny nose, fever, or other symptoms, let me know and we’ll reschedule. I want your baby’s milestone photo shoot to be every bit as beautiful and enjoyable as you had hoped!

Planning Your Milestone Baby Photography Session

If your baby has a milestone coming up, I’d love to help you preserve this exciting new chapter with professional baby portraits. Contact Allison Dittman Photography and let’s start planning your Dallas milestone photo session today! And don’t forget to follow along on Instagram.

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