The Custom Experience



Allison takes every small detail into consideration when making your custom portrait session. A lot of careful planning and thought goes into each portrait session and it all starts with creating the concept. She listens to your wants and needs and is able to create a unique session that is made specifically with your family and your home in mind. She makes sure to design her artwork to reflect personalities, style, family connections, love, and to enhance the home in which it will hang. You’ll be invited into her studio where you’ll get to know eachother, and will be able to feel, touch and see and feel the quality of the pieces in person.


Needing help with interior design? Then look no further! One of the biggest compliments Allison receives (and she receives it a lot!) is that her portraits “complete the room” in which they hang. As this is Allison’s ultimate goal when designing a portrait session for all of her clients, she takes the job of creating that very seriously. It’s more than just a beautifully posed portrait, it’s the crowning jewel of your home. Just like any piece of art that you would choose for your home, the colors and lines and feel of the art need to work in the room.

Allison asks her clients to either send her snapshots of their interior spaces, or she will offer to come to their home and take some snapshots of the space herself. This serves two very important purposes. For one, she can’t design a portrait to fit a room she hasn’t seen. The other important purpose of those photographs is to help her when it comes time to choose your favorite images from the session and decide on sizes and placement. She uses a sophisticated design program that will allow her to use those photographs of your wall space to see exactly what your finished artwork will look like at various sizes and placement around your home. This will take all of the guesswork out of the equation when you are choosing your final images to be made into beautiful wall art.


Not sure what to wear? Many clients are nervous about what to wear for their sessions. Either they don’t feel comfortable in their skills of choosing outfits for the entire family for a portrait or they are just too busy to even think about it. We get it.  That’s what we are here for as a full-service studio.

For maternity, newborns and milestone session, Allison provides everything for each session except for parent and sibling pictures. For maternity, you’ll be able to choose from the collection of dresses that she provides. For newborn sessions, Allison provides everything you need for your newborn. She will also assist you in choosing the right attire for parent and sibling shots. She has a collection of dresses that range from 6 months-12 years old if you have a little princess that is getting pictures taken with your newest addition. And with milestone sessions, Allison provides everything for your little one!


For those who do not wish to hang their own portraits, Allison works with an installer that would be happy to install the artwork personally once it arrives.

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